APC Back-UPS 950VA/520W Line Interactive UPS

$250.00 incl. GST

Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR)

Automatic Voltage Regulation boosts/trims the AC voltage when it drops/exceeds levels. This allows the equipment plugged into the unit to operate during low/high voltage conditions, conserving the battery power in the event of a power cut. The Back-UPS will switch to battery power if the input voltage level becomes too low/high for the Automatic Voltage Regulation to compensate, or if the AC power is distorted.

PowerChute Personal Edition Software TM

To install PowerChute Personal Edition (PCPE) software, connect a USB cable to the data port on the UPS and the other end to a computer with access to the web. On the computer, go to www.apc.com/tools/download. Select “Software Upgrades – PowerChute Personal Edition” in the “Filter by Software/Firmware” drop down menu. Select the appropriate operating system. Follow directions to download the software.

Quick Mute

The Back-UPS is able to temporarily mute user correctable audible alarms such as On Battery. During such audible alarms, a short press of the POWER button will temporarily mute the audible alarm until the condition has been reset. A short double beep will confirm that Quick Mute has been activated. Pressing the POWER button for more than 2 seconds will turn off the UPS. Other critical events such as Battery replacement and Charger notification can not be temporarily muted. The unit in these cases must be turned off.

Voltage Sensitivity Adjustment

Ensure the Back-UPS is off. Press and hold the POWER button for 10 seconds until a beep is heard. The LED will flash and sensitivity LOW is set. If press and hold the POWER button for 10 seconds again, the LED will be on and sensitivity MEDIUM is set.

LED Brightness Setting

The Back-UPS is able to control LED brightness. During On Line Mode, a short press of the POWER button will dim the LED brightness and heard a beep. Press one more time, the LED brightness will return again.


The Back-UPS will perform an automatic test of the internal battery when UPS is turned on or UPS operates in On Line Mode for 14 days. During On Line Mode, a longer press of the POWER button until three beeps are heard will perform a manual battery self-test. Then, the LED will flash and UPS will enter self-test mode.
Note: This will happen only when battery is fully charged in On Line Mode.

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