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HP Pro Mini 400 G9 i7-12500T 16GB 512GB SSD

$1,759.00 incl. GST

HP Pro Mini 400 G9 i7-12500T 16GB 512GB

Latest Intel® Core™ i7 (12th Gen) CPU

Enjoy the next level of processing power with the latest generation Intel® Core™ i7 CPU. Get top-notch performance in anything from heavy personal and office use to content creation and high-end gaming.

Hyper-threading Support

Make the most of multi-tasking with 2 virtual CPU cores for every physical core for a high level of parallelism and productivity.


Take multi-tasking to the next level and work without compromises with 16GB RAM. 16GB is plenty for anything including gaming, CAD, graphic design or IT work.

512GB of SSD Storage

Strike the right balance between storage capacity and budget with 512GB of SSD storage. Ample storage for most use cases, 512GB is generally considered the middle ground for most modern computers. For additional storage consider and external drive, upgrading to a larger capacity SSD or a device with larger storage capacity.


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