HP USB-C G5 Essential Dock

$384.95 incl. GST

USB-C G5 Essential Docking Station – 120 W with up to 65 W USB Power Delivery – 3 Displays Supported – QHD, Full HD, 4K – 5 x USB Ports – 4 x USB Type-A Ports – USB Type-A – 1 x USB Type-C Ports – Network (RJ-45) – Wired – Ethernet

Have everything you need to get the job done with this compact dock that keeps your desk clean. With a single USB-C® cable, open your ports to all your accessories, connect up to three high-res displays, stable Ethernet connection, and so much more…all while charging your laptop. Clear your desk and clear your mind with this HP USB-C G5 Essential Dock.

Seamless Productivity

Effortlessly go the extra mile with just a single USB-C® cable. This essential dock seamlessly powers and supports 4 USB-A ports for all your accessories, up to 3 high-res displays, and stable Ethernet connection-all while delivering 65W of power to your laptop.

More Ports, Less Constraints

This essential dock is designed to work with what you’re working with. It’s compatible with most USB-C® or Thunderbolt™ enabled PCs, and its various ports open the way to all your accessories.

Compact Meets Impact

Reclaim your desk and clear the clutter with a compact dock that takes up less than 5 x 5 inches of space. With a single cable connection, less is more.