Logitech ERGO M575 Wireless Trackball for Business

$89.95 incl. GST

On Track For Success

With science-driven design and easy thumb control, this wireless trackball mouse is engineered to reduce hand movement, keeping the hand and arm relaxed1Compared with a traditional Logitech M510 mouse., providing hours of comfort.

Scientific Approach

We look at ergonomics from a scientific perspective to find that sweet spot between science, desirability, and comfort. Ergo Series keyboards and mice offer more natural postures, superior ergonomic benefits, and reduced movement or muscle strain in a familiar, easily adoptable form factor.

More Natural Posture, Less Muscle Strain

Ergo products like ERGO M575 Trackball for Business place fingers and hands in a more natural posture, helping to relax the upper body. A more natural posture leads to a quantifiable reduction in muscle activity, so people can work just as productively while putting less strain on key muscles.

Increased Comfort

Physical discomfort can lead to emotional stress. Reducing muscle strain while adding support leads to a greater level of comfort—immediately and over long periods. Ergonomic products make work more comfortable so people can be free to focus on what matters.

Ergonomics is Economics

Ergonomic equipment helps people work more comfortably, with higher efficiency and quality, with less downtime. It results in happier employees with lower absentee days. In short, ergonomics is good economics. Our Ergo Series can help your company become a healthier place to work.

High-performance Tracking

Friction-free thumb control for excellent precision and responsiveness combined with a high-performance optical sensor delivers precise cursor movement and ultra low power consumption.

Any Space, Any Hand Size

The ergonomic design allows ERGO M575 Trackball for Business to naturally fit a large range of hand sizes. Plus, it’s perfect for tight spaces, busy desks, and most surfaces.

Two Ways to Connect

Two connection options: Bluetooth® Low Energy wireless technology or Logi Bolt—a tiny USB receiver designed for security and high performance even in congested wireless environments. Now users have the flexibility to connect how they want while IT ensures those connections are reliable and secure.

Easy to Maintain

The innovative sensor performs its best with ultralow battery consumption. Remains powered up to 20 months on a single AA battery. Plus, the trackball is removable for easy cleaning.

Quality That Lasts

ERGO M575 Trackball for Business is durable and reliable. With Swiss engineering and end-to-end control of the production process, it’s designed to perform for more than 3 million quality clicks.

Made With Recycled Plastic

The plastic parts in ERGO M575 Trackball for Business include post consumer recycled plastic—50% for Graphite and 21% for Off-White—to give a second life to end-of-life plastic and help reduce our carbon footprint.Logitech, Wireless, MiceLogitech, Wireless, Mice

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