Logitech MK200 USB Media Keyboard and Mouse Combo

$49.95 incl. GST

Plug-and-Play USB Combo with media keys

Durable and Reliable

Simply plug this corded ambidextrous mouse and full-sized keyboard via USB and start working in seconds. The keyboard features an integrated number pad supplemented by eight easy access media keys, while the mouse offers a comfortable palm support and smooth tracking for easy everyday navigation.

Comfortable and Full-sized

A full-sized keyboard with a number pad gives you the keys you need to make data entry a breeze. Eight media keys make it easy to access music, volume, apps, your preferred internet browser, and more with one touch. Enjoy the comfortable typing thanks to the curved spacebar, familiar layout, and easy to read keys.

Comfort for Either Hand

A full-sized, ambidextrous mouse delivers smooth tracking and a curved shape to support the palm, for easy and comfortable navigation.

Easy Plug & Play

Both the keyboard and mouse work right out of the box. Just plug into the USB ports, and they’re ready to go. No downloads, no setup, no fuss.

Spill Resistant Keyboard

With a spill-resistant design, durable keys, and sturdy tilt legs with adjustable height, this keyboard is built to last.

Durable and Reliable

With an included 3-year warranty, MK200 is built with the same high quality and reliability standards that have made Logitech the #1 global leader for mice and keyboards.Combos, Logitech, Logitech, Wired, Keyboard & Mouse