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Samsung ViewFinity S65VC 34″ Curved WQHD Webcam Business Monitor

$999.00 incl. GST

Samsung ViewFinity S65VC 34″ Curved WQHD Webcam Business Monitor
Wide workspace of 21:9 ratio and lifelike detail with Ultra WQHD resolution
Stay connected through video calls and free up desk space with built-in webcam and speakers
USB type-C port to power, send data and display signals between devices

Ultra-WQHD in 1000R Curvature

A 34″ 1000R curved display surrounds you with a 21:9 aspect ratio. The curve closely matches the human field of sight, so you can maximise your screen real estate and reach new levels of productivity with less eye strain.

1 billion colours with HDR10

See a wide gamut of colours for stunning accuracy and detail. HDR10 provides near limitless hues and true-to-life colour representation, with darker darks and brighter brights. Content is a joy to look at and can be experienced as intended.

Built-In Camera with Windows Hello

Stay connected through video calls and streaming without extra devices. When not in use, the camera can be pushed down into the monitor to keep a sleek profile. Windows Hello uses the camera and biometrics to securely sign you into any Windows 11 device, app or website without a password.

Built-In Speaker

Work, learn and play without the need for additional peripherals. With built-in speakers, you can free up desk space by minimising the connections needed for a more efficient working environment, while ensuring you can listen to a wide range of content with ease.

Built-In KVM Switch

A built-in KVM switch lets you connect and control two sources to your monitor at once, with just one keyboard and mouse. Split screen, Picture in Picture of Picture by Picture

USB-C and LAN ports in an Ergonomic Design

A USB-C port lets you power up your device and transmit data with just one cable, and a LAN port lets you connect to LAN-less laptop for Ethernet use. Clean cable management combined with the adjustable height on the screen that tilts and swivels

TUV-Certified Intelligent Eye Care

Brightness and colour temperature automatically optimise for your environment. TUV-Certified for intelligent eye care, Samsung reduces screen flickering and helps protect eyes against excessive blue light with eye saver mode

100HZ Refresh Rate and AMD FreeSync™

A 100Hz refresh rate and AMD FreeSync™ work together to keep your screen smooth in a wide a range of applications, so you can forget about screen stuttering and image tearing. This helps you see more and perform at your best without missing a thing.

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