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Website Audit

$750.00 incl. GST

Is your website underperforming? Are you concerned about the lack of business it is generating?
A Computing Australia website audit will analyse your website to determine if there are factors impacting the site that you can’t see.

An SEO audit helps to determine how your website’s SEO is performing,. It gives you the insights required to improve your ranking on Google. An SEO audit ensures that you become aware of SEO issues before they impact your users or Google ranking. It also allows us to make a plan to remediate anything that is adversely hurting your ranking.

The Computing Australia Website Audit includes:

  • A detailed technical SEO audit
  • A detailed on-page SEO audit
  • A review of all backlinks to look for signs of negative SEO
  • A full review of your website – both technically and creatively
  • How does your site perform according to Google Core Web Vitals?
  • See how your site performs on mobile devices and large screens
  • Evaluation of your website search engine ranking
  • We analyse your top performing keywords and look for opportunities you are missing
  • You get a written report with a list of our findings and recommendations
  • Our consultant will also walk you through the report to explain the recommendations

Before you sign up for an SEO package, it is a good idea to find out where the issues lie with your website. Our consultant will show you where to direct your SEO efforts and spend. We separate the low hanging fruit so you can get bang for buck and maximise the improvements to your site visibility.

  • Remember – if you’re not showing up on the front page of Google, you are missing out on traffic and that means you are losing business.
  • It is worth noting that less than 1% of these who search, will bother to click through to page two.
  • Further, around 30% of all searchers will click the top result and nothing more.
  • The top 3 results account for over 60% of all clicks so it is worth investing in a good SEO strategy.

Website Audit Specifications

  • Technical SEO audit
  • On-Page SEO audit
  • Backlink checks
  • Search engine placement checks
  • Critical evaluation of the website – technically and creatively
  • Written report
  • Consultant meeting